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Welcome dear friends of choral music

Since 2011 there have been large scale changes in the structure and financing of the cultural sector in the Netherlands. This development also affects the partners of the Eric Ericson Masterclass, i.e. the Netherlands Chamber Choir and the Netherlands Radio Choir, who have been involved in this world famous masterclass for young professional choral conductors from the very beginning. Both professional choirs will have to economize severely and are forced to look for other financial sources in order to be able to continue their main objective: the excellent performing of choral music of all ages. Due to these developments it has been decided it is not possible to organize the next Eric Ericson Masterclass in Haarlem in 2013. The Internationale Koorbiënnale 2013 will take place, but also in a smaller set up. We hope things will improve, and that we will be able to realize the 6th Eric Ericson Masterclass in June 2015.

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In Stockholm on February 16 2013
maestro Eric Ericson died at the age of 94.

He has been a friend of the Netherlands Chamber Choir for many years, his conducting the choir was one of the highlights in his long career ánd in the career of the choir.  We are glad to have known him so well, to have collaborated with him on the arts of both choral music and living as human beings, to have him as the name giver of the Eric Ericson Masterclass founded in 2001 in Haarlem, The Netherlands.