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The Eric Ericson Masterclass is open to both actively participating conductors and to others in an observing capacity.
It will be conducted in English. There is room for 8 active conductors. 

Their selection occurs in 2 stages:

  • Stage 1 - by means of a submitted DVD
  • Stage 2 - by means of a live audition

The selection procedure is explained here for active conductors and here for observing conductors.



The masterclass itself consists of various elements:

  1. Three days of preparation and assessment of the initial situation. These sessions are meant for the active conductors only. They will direct a number of rehearsals with piano to explore the repertoire for the masterclass. The master conductors will become acquainted with the strengths and weaknesses of their students and will begin the process of working with them.
  2. From 27 June 2011 onwards the public masterclass sessions with the Nederlands Kamerkoor and the Netherlands Radio Choir take place. These are open to observers. Over these 4 days every active conductor will work with both choirs.
  3. In this same period each day will conclude with a group lesson, in which what has been learned and experienced that day will be discussed, explored and explained. More general topics and the experiences of the observers will also receive ample attention during these tutorials.
  4. On 1 July the final presentation takes place: a concert with both choirs during which it is the intention that every active participant will conduct a piece or part of a piece.
  5. Presentation of certificates of participation; observers also receive a certificate.
  6. Participants will be asked to fill in an evaluation form.

Alongside the Masterclass, the Haarlem Choral Biennale 6 will be taking place.
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