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Criteria & procedure

Active conductors should be no older than 38 years of age. We will select the active conductors in two stages. This will guarantee an optimal learning experience for the participants, the master conductors and the two choirs.

Stage 1: DVD recording

Candidates should include with their application a DVD showing their work as a conductor. A committee will select the candidates for the following stage. Those selected will be invited for an audition.


The visual presentation must be representative of the current standard and of the working method of the candidate – both musical and didactical. The recordings may show work with either an amateur choir or with professional singers.

What the recording should show:

  1. A recent rehearsal during which the candidate gives instructions, conducts, interrupts, makes comments and resumes rehearsing. Both the conductor and the singers should be shown – alternately or simultaneously.
  2. A recent concert performance or possibly CD recording session with a composition lasting 5 to 7 minutes, without interruption.
  3. Total duration: minimum of 20 / maximum of 30 minutes.

Further instructions:

  1. Place your name clearly on the index and on the DVD box.
  2. Clearly state the timings on the DVD box, giving a start and finish time for each section. 
  3. Describe on an insert your relationship to the choir or choirs on the recordings. (E.g: How often have you conducted the choir? How experienced are the singers ? How many rehearsals preceded the session/performance recorded? Why did you choose to do this composition with this choir?)
  4. The recording must be of sufficient quality to make a decent evaluation possible. 
  5. Your face and hands must be clearly shown. A recording showing only your back is pointless. 
  6. Do not send any CDs.

Stage 2: audition

  1. Candidates will conduct a chamber choir of about 16 singers. This audition will last 30 minutes per candidate. Repertoire: see appropriate page.
  2. This procedure will produce a maximum of 8 candidates who will take part in the  masterclass. They will receive an extensive evaluation from the audition panel. This will give the selected participants the chance of optimum preparation during the time remaining before the masterclass.
  3. Those not selected also have the right to an evaluation, in order that they too may benefit to the full from their part in the selection process. They are also most welcome to attend as observing conductors.